Everything I could never tell you.
Just got to work to see this. Woooo! Getting off early tonighr and I don’t know why!! :D #HellYes
Little Devil with a WoogieBoogie Girl. :) #Halloween #Part3
Is this movie scary?! Because I’m super nervous right now!
Almost there! #Hollywood
My mom surprised me today!! :D


i’m scared

I’m jubilant, but preparing myself in case anyone tries any fuckshit.
Goodbye public tumblr. Maybe one day far away I’ll come back to reminisce. :’)

Finally got my internet back! And because of this, I’ve been thinking I really messed up on following people I know on my tumblr. It’s not exactly the private journal I wanted it to be anymore. So sometime in the next few days I’ll be starting a new one just for myself. If you don’t know me in person and like my blog enough, you’re more than welcome to ask for my new one. Thank youu. :)